a beautiful black goddess

us black women,

like samples at a grocery store

set out to be picked over but is 

never fully paid for .

us black women ,

with vaginas that still taste like a history 

of unwanted white men babies blood and over 400

years of force entry and masturbation .

us black women 

who is still getting beat by society ,as if masters whippings

wasn't painful enough, as if masters force love 

scares isn't deep enough .

i am a black women who can still hear the screams of 

my people, a true provide  even play mommy to 

masters miners, while still hearing the cries of my own 

babies master made me leave behind.

i am more then my luscious looks ,

i am passage in my waste, history in my hips.

i am not what society has put me out to be. 

i blossom with happiness and pride within myself for i

 am a black women and wish to be nothing else .

i am nether above nor below anyone here but in myself i will take sufficient pride 

for i am a beautiful black goddess that god had specially designed .

This poem is about: 
Our world



I love this!

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