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Who says you need makeup to be beautiful inside and out? You are already beautiful because God said so. Why hold on to negative words? Let all of that mess go If not, they will eat at your soul
*Read the poem down first, then read it from bottom up. These two readings represent the filtered self -views of people in society vs. the individualistic view I have of myself, completely filter free*
My name is Mariama Suwaneh. I was born on April 5, I’m eighteen years old, I am 5’3.75” but I tell everyone I am 5’4”. I am terrible at soccer, I love the Spanish language, I don’t really like chocolate,
You think about it constantly 24/7 just hoping you make the right choice, You slowly try to pick but when you do there's a voice, One that tells you that you strive to do something else,
stages of life, i'm 18 so many things are new to me i'm trying to find myself, i'm playing hide and seek with two of me S.W.A.G.G., a word that is misused, abused, and misconstrued every single day
I’m a fire for all females A delicate rose easily bruised by the wrong touch A soft warm breeze fighting pass heavy blinds Immune to the wrong that those expose me to If not then may I be dead
I'd love to be a diamond but diamond are average I'm head strong and that comes with baggage a fashion icon a person to rely on I'm a lyrical G Now listen to me Call me a daughter a sister, and friend
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