'beautiful black woman' 'black and proud'

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The Sum Being called N-Word How many times? Being underestimated because I am a Black womanSeveral timesSnubbed because I am BlackToo many times Ignored because I am a womanLots of timesA look of surprise and a frown when I say that my mother read
Rooted in Africa. Rooted in Europe. Rooted in slave boats. Rooted in Maryland Missouri Delaware Kentucky. Rooted in appropriation. Untamed nappy wild Afro hair.
Duality of Historic and Modern Black Women   -- 1957   Books, carassed in her arm, Elizabeth, pressed on.
My afro is big My skin as dark as the night I’m black and I’m proud
Dear Stereotypes,  Black bear looks in the mirror, what do we see? Black bear, black bear scary as can be. I look in the mirror what do they see?
Listen dammit! Our world appears perfect our town with families where everyone knows each others faces.Our televisions shows and movies seem like we laugh and were a family. The cookouts on lawns and the laughs spread abroad. It's the world you do
I beg of you, Mainstream Society Do not underestimate my intellectual talents Do not take one look at the melanin of my skin and assume that I am less than good enough
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