Be A Voice

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By the age of nine, I knew this world was no place for me.   I learned that if a tree falls in a forrest and someone is around to hear it, it is their decision if the tree wants to be heard
My voice! You heard me right. Elections are coming. I will vote to make my speech known. My voice!
I write for days, I write for nights, Emotions flooding, publishing in my sight. I write about me, about my brother and mom, I write about those who have helped and done me wrong. I read my work and cry as I do,
It all started with a dream in the night, I just knew that I needed to write, everything down that my mind had created.   I was in a new world with wonderful new places, and many new faces,
I like to think I have something to say I like to think my words really mean something I like to think they can change things   I believe my ideas are revolutionary
Day by day it is constantly used Without it, I can’t communicate Why do you think I love to debate? It can leave you, me, and anyone else amused It’s a special gift that I guarantee will never be abused
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