It All Started With a Dream

It all started with a dream in the night,

I just knew that I needed to write,

everything down that my mind had created.


I was in a new world with wonderful new places,

and many new faces,

that taught me how to wander away from the real world.


This dream was an immortal escape,

and an extraordinary way,

to forget all the troubles around me.


When I was younger a daydream was enough,

but as I grew it got tough,

and I needed a more permanent way to evaporate from the thickening fog of stresses around me.


So I started to write my dreamy story,

that never dared to get boring,

and it helped me delegate the devil of my life to other places.


Now all I do is write,

because when I write I'm given life,

and I am no longer afraid to share my opinion.


I have been given a voice,

an incredible power that gives me the choice,

to either cower away in my room or let my opressors know who is really hurting who.


I no longer need my friends to defend me,

I no longer let my mother reprehend me,

because I have a voice and I made the choice to write.


I write because I have been berated.

I write because I have been censured and hated.

I write because I know that my words do speak louder than the actions of those who have tried to erase me.


I wrote my stories,

and now my stories have rewritten me,

to be the most extraordinary me that I can be,

like in my dream.

the dream that set me free.

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My family
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A beautful wave of emotions washed over me as i read.

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