Be Brave

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Power courses through their veins.  Their minds hold a seemingly never ending flow of knowledge.  Their future is fluid, Free to change and morph into any form they desire.    They are the modern day myth. 
  He meant to marry honesty But cowardness has blessed his lips He meant to call bravery  But regrets and mistakes Were always on his tail He so much loved kindness But there goes fear
  Uncontrollable fear, that ignites a flame, inside your heart, inside your lungs. It burns you, destroys you, all you feel is, the painful fear.
Sometimes, we are afraid to show who we are, afraid to shed our skin, afraid to open up, We are taught at a young ae that stndng out is imporant. And, yet as we venture throuh adulthood standing out becomes a bad thing?
When you grow up believing that nice is the way to go, you forget that emotions, and thoughts
Maybe You’re on the edge and about to jump Or you’ll go for the gun The rope looks like the one The drugs look the most fun Why? Because they called you dumb? Called you a bum?
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