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Dear Feminism,  I've heard about you before. About how you've helped so many helpless Women in the West. Let them vote, let them work, let them speak.  And how you're helping so many helpless Women
To the boys who don't believe in feminism I want to take you on a journey So close your eyes And I'll open them for you  
Do I need feminism? Well personally no. Let me tell you why... I don't need feminism because I have choices. I can go to college and  major in any field I want. From Education to Engineering. 
Dear Feminists, No! I know that you like that word No! I won't let you control my words Just because they might trigger you No! I won't stop seeing you as a girl
I was born this way.And because I was born this way, I was given a keyboard.Every child gets one.My keyboard has about 88 keys.Maybe less. Maybe more.It just depends on what you see when you look out the window.
Look at those lines on him.What are you talking about? Those are not lines.Look at those lines on him, oh no.He cannot have lines.Look at those lines on him!He will be fine.
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