Dear Feminism

Dear Feminism, 

I've heard about you before.

About how you've helped so many helpless Women

in the West.

Let them vote, let them work, let them speak. 

And how you're helping so many helpless Women

in the East.

Let them walk, let them drive, let them live.


For me, 

that was a long time ago.

I mean, the last time I heard from you was the 70's.

But now you're back and you're

protesting (violently),

rioting (violently),

and speaking (violently).

I thought everything you could've done for 

Women is over.


But no! 

Women are Oppressed now more than ever!

What with sexist air conditioning,

sexist men sitting comfortably,

and sexist global warming!

All real things you've said.


These things gave a chuckle, Feminism, but

when you start talking about how 

Sharia law is a good idea,

that all Women are paid less than men (illegal),

and that all men are evil, murdering 

rapists who all deserve to die,

We have a problem.


If you, as per your definition, 

are supposed to help both sexes 

why do you not tell me that 

93% of all workplace fatalities are Men,

that 5 out of 6 suicides are Men,

and that Men recieve 63% longer prison sentences than Women (for the same crime).


You tell me, Feminism, that I-- as a Woman--

am Always A Victim,

that I,

whenever I do not succeed,

it's because of a shadowy boogeyman called the 



Well, I've decided that I do not need you, Feminism.

I do not need you screaming "white privilege" in my face.

I do not need your constant cries of Oppression by the White Man. 

And I do not need you telling my friends,

my brothers,

my fathers,

and my future sons

that they are lesser, 

that they cannot do anything that they set their mind to,

because they Can. 

Women do not need you.

Men do not need you.

I do not need you.

Sincerly, A Woman


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