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Just another second and the bell is going to ringJust another hour and you are done for the night,
I wake in the morning, just to see the same scene people rushing down the halls most under eighteen. We go to class, sit down, and write then when we reach our homes we work through the night.
Without even trying Your gaze is stripping  the fortress i've built around my heart brick by devastating brick but for some reason I don't mind for some reason  I love it
I am strong I am dedicated lifelong I am not lazy I am sometimes looked at as crazy I am a Physical therapist in the making   I am caring I am daring I am not someone who will abandon
you know even with all the pain in my life i still live each day and get through the night i must still be looking for something or maybe someone because if i wasnt looking you bet i'd just run
A day without hate A day with just love and kindness A day that I can openly embrace you
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