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  There is a place in the music room Where the halls are full of light But there is a place where we daren’t go That makes ideas take fright   The walls glow with joy
Bite me like a snake I will stand still, I will not shake claw me like a bear
No color is more beautiful than the otherBut, I'm "pretty for a darkskin girl"So, I'm always separated from any other.
A little girl used to sit and ask, “Daddy why do people have to leave so fast” What do you mean? He questioned with some fear, Thinking to himself, she only has one year.
Sadness is the frozen feeling in the air, as a homeless person tries to survive winter. Sadness is the tear that trickles off a 5 year old's face, as he watches his ice cream fall to the ground.
What are we, the people of today?All living a life, without much to sayMinor differences, amongst each otherBut all alike, one way or another
In I walked to the class we call history Ready to learn something about me Heart skipping beats Stomach leaping forward with a foolish anticipation And sudden as the forces of gravity It’s all ripped from me
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