Poems from Alibi Sworn

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“A Preamble” By Alibi Sworn-- I lay here mentally far from rest since my over-active imagination, once again, began to infest. Still, I cannot stay- moving to and fro with wave-like turns from night to day. Ideas upon ideas race to ignite the spark of creativity that will highly burn, but never die down or slow down. I combine my arm to pen, the bridge to my dreams that will visually and verbally manifest like all the rest. Though my mind's eye prevents me from seeing the world completely dreary, again, there is little to no sleep for the weary. ~~ Website: http://nirvana-realm.webs.com/
Happy hearts hum,hints hurtle high,harm hasn't hit.
In my graveyard minda sunflower grows high upand now there is hope.
All of our dreams have been the same- to spread our wings and take flight with the hot sun beating down and strong winds blowing. We flap...