#YOWO : I Am

I am a head, strong in mind. 

With a soul before my time. 

I am becoming more in line, 

With myself. 


For so long I have been angry. 

Trying to find a way out. 

The deadly works of the world is what I felt. 

That which gave me doubt. 


I've known I had a purpose. 

Purposed to me 'fore life did ensue.  

God has sent his message

And now it is what I must do. 


I must assist.

I must help, guide, lead, become, 

The change that this world so desperately needs.

If my peers fear the reign 

Then by that, 

Summon my name

To continue what MY forefathers have started. 


Civil rights have yet to be given. 

Equality has yet to be achieved.

I am here to stand up for those that are in need. 


The blind, I see you. 

The voiceless, I hear you. 

I know the dark, sound proof room you have been shoved into. 

Once before

To that I say 'No More'


I am the enzyme, controlling the rates of reactions.

I am the shoulder to rest your head on. 

I am the fuel, igniting your fire. 

And believe that I am the hit in the behind to keep you in line. 


I am two legs, muscle fortified. 

With the courage to transcend time. 

I am strong and wise.

Forever leading with you in mind. 



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