You've Got A Hold On Me


I don't know how it all started

But it feels like it happened really fast

Your spell was cast

It feels like this hold wil last

I don't wamt to love you like I do

Because my love for you consumes

I feel like I'm choking on fumes

I'm going crazy from the schrooms.

You've got a hold on me

I don't want to be in love with you yet

I desperately want us to be "we"

I'm not whom I once was

I cannot even recognize me

My brain says I don't love you

But my heart is telling a different story

I tell myself I don't love you

But I'm lying

When I'm not with you I can't function

I'm dying

I'm in hot pursuit of you

But I know I will not find the love I require

Your love will not quench my fire

It will not fulfill my desire

I want to run as fast as I can

And never look back

But I can't

Because you've got a hold on me.



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