You're Telling ME!

Mon, 06/25/2018 - 13:50 -- ShikaL

They tell me to revise

They say I don't listen

They say they'll be there

When the time comes

They won't...


They say it's only natural

They say it's natures way

Then why does nature hurt me

Like your mom when she says


You're not good enough for my daughter

Keep on saying your prayer

Speak to God all you want

I don't give a f*ck down here


They say you'll get good grades

You'll make something of your life

I say it's only fate

That's the first time I spoke up for myself


They say you're a coward

You shouldn't have a place on this earth

I say there's a mother grieving out there

Why don't you say that about her dead son?


They say it's only natural to bully

It's man's only way

I say "If he's so scared of different,

Why doesn't he tell me himself?"


So what you've got an idea

You're going to change the world

Too bad,darling

Time to push you down below


I have had it with your poetry

I have had it with your face

Time to put you on your death bed

You don't belong here


So you say you've had it hard?

Your mamma take away your PS4?

How about those sons who are crying?

Their mothers dead or dying?


Do you think you belong here?

No,darling, you don't

Get on back to your mom who loves you

She knows what she's on about


She knows you

She loves you

She's probably worried out of her mind

Scenarios popping through her head

Like a cinema screen on fire


I wish I had a chance

Just to say -"Mom, I love you."

I'd be OK

I'd lay in peace but instead

I'm here as a warning

Don't do what I did!


Go back to your cozy house

Your plasma screen

Your family

The last thing I'll say


I'm talking to you

Listening too.

To every conversation you've ever had

With your parents,

With your friends,

With the cousins you knew were there


You need to think about your actions.

Justice don't come without sacrifice

Just think about it

When you're lying there

With your teddy bear


Think about those mothers.

Think about those brothers.

Those fathers,sister

Aunties and uncles

Who've all lost someone dear.


Think about those dead ones

Lying there on the battlefield

No-one's there to perform

Their last rites

No-one ever will.


Do you want to be there?

Just remember:











This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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