You're still a little girl, Just Wait.


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Teen Pregnancy
It is deffinatly a stress
It is deffinatly a mess
Youre such a beautiful young woman
Dont ruin your chances of greatness

It may seem right at the moment
but it always ends
why take the chance when
you can be glad about school and friends

Dont ruin your chance at greatness
when a baby is a blessing, yes;
but your are still a baby yourself.
Dont take that chance of delaying your greatness

When you havent experinced all the other great things in life.
Take percautions from the very beggining
like sermacide, condoms, birth control and just simply waiting

If it happens to happen then you cant take it back
just hope the best and do the rest
there are many ways to help with the situation
like plan b ya know emerncey conterception

When you think about what could happen
think about your family, friends and school
dont be a fool
love yourself and make the right decision
im not saying dont have kids
im saying take all of this into consideration.


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