"You're Pretty For A Dark Skin Girl"

"You're pretty for a darkskin girl"

Am i supposed to be ugly ?
Why does the shade of my skin have to determine my looks?
Why cant i just be pretty?
Why do i have to be pretty for a darkskin girl?
Why cant i just be pretty?
Why are people letting these stereotypes define me?
Define who i am?
They dont know me
Who said because im dark skinned, i must be ugly
Who said because im dark skin my hair must be short and nappy
Who said because im dark skin i must be angry all the time
Who said light skinned females must be more superior
Who said these things?

I am a beautiful dark skin woman
I dont and will never let what you people have to say bring me down
I am not ugly because you say i am
Light skinned woman are not over powering me because you say they are
We are all beautiful black woman
Light skinned and dark skinned
Why does complextion have to determine our beauty?


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