You're Not the Same

“You’re not the same”, they say

But now I am confused

“You’ve really changed”, they say

I thought that’s what I was supposed to do.


The moment I left for college

I knew my choice was right

Trust me, I’ve acknowledged

The way I am tonight.


This year I’ve made the closest friends

In just a few short months

And from all the time that we would spend

It’s like we’ve become one.


I also lost some friendships

That could not be repaired

But believe me when I say

That I will always care.


I joined a sorority

But it’s not what you think

Everyone thinks we all just party

They don’t look at the true meaning.


“Together, let us seek the heights” 

Is our amazing motto

This sisterhood is what feels right

Somehow I just know.


The most important change of all

Is I finally open up

I don’t keep to myself anymore

I’ll go and I’ll just talk.


I can go up to a stranger

And have a conversation

It’s no longer any danger

I’ve grown out of my frustration.


So when they say, “You’re not the same”

I’ll tell them they’re correct

And when they say, “You’ve really changed”

I’ll tell them it’s for the best.

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