You're Not Ready

You think you're ready,
but you're not.
All you think is,
'this is hot'.
You don't understand,
the consequences,
when you don't put up those fences.
Either thinking it won't happen,
not to you,
or even if you want it to,
you're still too young,
go have some fun!
Live a little before it's time,
you're not even in you're prime.
Maybe you have babysat before,
but being a mother opens a whole new door.
You don't just watch for a little while,
you go the whole mile.
twenty-four hours,
seven days a week,
is that what you seek?
And even if you don't become a mother,
there is another,
greater threat.
You could get,
Herpes or HIV,
they aren't just made up on TV.
Please help stop teen pregnancy.


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