You're on my mind


I live in my books, 
my head in the clouds, 
my mind on the music, 
that plays so loud. 
I’m thinking of you,
of kissing your lips.
My hands in your hair,
yours tracing my hips.
I dream of flying
somewhere far away.
Where the sun is always bright,
and the sky is never gray.
I can’t get over your eyes;
how they’re a work of art.
And all the letters you’ve sent me;
I know them by heart.
I’m down on Earth,
but looking at the sky.
Seeing the stars
that only shine at night.
Kissing you is my drug of choice,
and baby, I’m addicted.
If loving you is a crime,
then I’d be convicted.
My mind is an infinite universe,
swirling with memories and thoughts.
But finding one word to describe this love?
Well, I’m afraid that I’m at a loss.


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