You're kidding me, right?


"May I use the bathroom?"

"No, five other people went."

"Well I'm sorry. I didn't know our urinary systems ran together."

Well, there goes your Saturday. You've got detention.


"And if you look at Nashville, you can see its a state." 

Uhh, Mrs. Blank that was fucking stupid.

Nashville a city not a state.

"Excuse me. What did I say?"


"Mr. Person, I really dont understand."

"Well I explained it three times."

Try again Mr. Person because they need help

And that's what you're for.


"Learn a new way. Blah blah blah."

Um, excuse me but I am so sorry

That my brain doesn't function that way.

"Shut up, and let us learn our own way."


Why can't teachers be more understanding?

Why can't they be less demanding?

We thought they here to help us ought.

Not grade papers and keep us from being prepared.


We give 100 percent

Only to be shot down with out ideas

By the adults we respect the most

And its that one idea that break a teens soul.


There's a lot of shit we cant say to a teacher.

And someday I hope that change.

Because people have ideas, great ideas,

That teachers and students should exchange.


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