You're Enough

Valleys form in the face of her.

Canyons slice into her arms, exposing the red. 

Razor blade winks at her, letting her keep her secrets. 

She breaths in her smoke, deep.

"Hey, you're taking forever in there!" 

She picks herself off the floor, tugging her sweater down further to hide her shame.

Cold water, breathing, don't forget the plasic smile.

"Sorry, I lost track of the time."


Hey, can you talk?

No, I have my own problems to worry about.

Sure, whats up?

well, something happened last night...

Of course something happened. 

Talk to me. What happened?

Half an hour later, the sounds of school fill her ears.

Knots of friends laugh, sneakers squeak against the tiles, lockers slam shut to hide their secrets.

Secrets... if they only knew. 

She gets tripped, pushed, treated like she's nothing. 

She pushes her bangs out of her eyes and heads for the one person she can talk to. 

But wait... who's that sitting with him?

Who is that girl, snuggling with him?

What is going on?!

She walks past, keeping her head down, choking on her tears. 

"Hey, wait up."

She turns back to see someone else. 

She's never talked to this guy much, just asked his opinion on some writing in class.

What was he doing talking to her?

"Hey, I need to ask you something for class. Can we go somewhere less... loud?"


Hidden in a corner upstairs, he grabs her by the shoulders. 

"What's going on?"

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. No one can write like you do and have it not be personal. What's up?"

She finally breaks, telling him everything. 

She falls like a house of cards, holding her hidden memories. 

She breaths in more smoke and sobs again. 

He picks her up off the floor and holds her. 

"You're enough."

He holds her tighter.

"You're enough."

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This poem is deticated to my friend Robbie. He is one of the few people that knows me really well and he helps me out the best he can. He talks to me, gives me the best advice, and helps me grow as a person. Ive never met someone like him. After two years weve started an amazing friendship and it makes me think why didnt i talk to him sooner? anyways, he is an awesome person, he means so much to me, and he keeps me grounded when nothing else does. thanks so much Robbie, keep being you, and keep being the awesome homie that you are. <3

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