You're Beautiful


Why would you go and kill yourself off? You're beautiful, you shouldn't get hurt,

Let alone punish yourself for the wrong doing of others. What they do should not control

You. Yes i Know what you're thinking right now, "She sounds like a broken record." 

But let me tell you the difference between myself and the others who've told you the same thing

First of all i'm just like you, a teenager trapped in a jail called school with horrible and 

Deceitful "Friends." Second, I know what its like to be on a high and then crash and 

Burn like a plane falling out of the sky. It doesn't feel good but the one thing you should 

Remeber is you're beatiful and no one can destroy you but you. 

The less that you say and the more you walk away gives you the upper hand. 

Yes, your days may be filled, sometimes, with soaked, darkful nights but remeber you're 

Beatiful and can strive through anything at life.

Don't take away your joy and your life because a couple of hatred filled kids, who is

Probably going through worse things then you, say a few mean things or maybe its a lot

Of mean things but STILL, YOU ARE BEATIFUL. 

I want you to keep your life and i want to see you succeed. Beacuse the one thing 

That i know for sure is karma will get the last say so. So you hold your pretty little head up high to the sky

And you strut down that hallway, vibrant with life and you keep it that way for the rest of your life.

Cause no matter what others may say about you, You know who you really are and 

You're Beautiful.



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