your vaulted ceilings

it is different and it is not the same,

because when music happens with you,

the notes create stair steps up to places

in the sky

i have never been before.

i never knew what it was like to soar

through the billows

until i heard your guitar

and voice mix

and meld

and float away.

i do not know if you can get so close to these

vaulted ceilings on your own,

but i know i cannot.

it takes two.

you made me bounce my head against

the loftiest heights like a runaway balloon,

but we always manage to come back down

to the earth before the atmosphere

makes us burst.

yet we are never quite touching the ground,

because if our whole selves

are not floating through heaven,

we at least keep our head in the clouds,

with only our feet to tap earth ever

so occasionally,

and then only in rhythm to our songs.

but when my head is full of you,

i know your head is full of her,

and that her is not me.

and i never knew something could be so sweet

and so sad at the same time

as when i sing with you.



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