"Your the Type of Guy"


United States
29° 31' 37.1172" N, 98° 36' 38.052" W
United States
29° 31' 37.1172" N, 98° 36' 38.052" W
United States
29° 31' 37.1172" N, 98° 36' 38.052" W

Stabbed me in my back again 
Thought i finally found someone i could let in 
Described yourself as being a legit person 
Straight forward with sincerity and good intentions 
But your just like the rest of them... 
You see who people really are during recession 
When everybody hustlin you see their true faces 
You said alot in the begining, and you switched up on me so easily 
You the fake type of man that i despise 
You only choose to do what others did before your time 
Your not original, you so predictable 
You really had me thinking that you was the friend that I been dreamin of 
You liked music like me, had a dream just like me 
But you the type a guy that dont want a woman to succeed 
Unless shes three steps behind you, so you always tryed to bully me 
About my dreams and who I'am like you really know me 
Tried to look deep in my eyes like you really loved me 
But I never looked in yours, and now I know why 
Cause I cant fake real love, so why would I even lie 
You that type of guy that I really dont respect 
Thats why you demand it,because you dont deserve it 
Thats why you run around acting like you really worth it 
Like I should kiss your hands and worship the grounds you steppin at 
Your the type of guy who sucks up to a man but disrespects a woman 
Just for nothing, your really somethin 
Aint good for nothing, all your creativity dont even matter 
Cause with your mindset your destined to be ungrateful no matter how successful 
Your never gonna be happy because you know your living a lie 
Your that type of guy, your this type of guy 
Can have a million dollars but you still dont feel alive 
Dont have a real love to go home too..cause you traded them in 
So now you cry 
Wondering why everything always happening to you 
Dont never consider about the things you put others through 
Or how you treated them and karma came back to you 
Your so steady thinking you a player but your own life is playing you 
I really dont know who you think you are and neither do you 
If you read this and thought i was talking about somebody else than i pity you 
Cause you really are in denial and you so quick to decieve somebody 
Just to have a cheap imitation of success, but withought you want me to throw you a pity party 
Well look, i got my own problems to solve and to work through 
I dont have anytime to sit here and cater to you 
So dont call my phone no more talking about you miss me out of the blue 
Your the type of guy, that i would say "FUCK YOU" to!


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