Your Skull, My Cobblestone


Shadow Moses Island
United States

I’ve never seen such a beautiful horse

Run its course.

"Pony up my friend

We got butt ton to do before the end can begin."


Effortless work is a sensible oxymoron.

This hill looks like a great one to die on.

"I hope that cross round your neck isn’t too heavy.

He wouldn’t want you pull anything would he?"


If eternity smells a lot like barbecue

You may want to rethink what you thought you knew.

“A bottle a day keeps the feelings away

Doctor, prescribe me a reason to stay."


Conquest another vacation destination

Bag up the people, toil the Land

Then when the wealth runs out

Blame it on the man who is dead in the sand.

“Buy me a souvenir World War II helmet,

With blood stains and trauma, certified authentic”


Riddle me this,

My old man was born with a gun in his hand

But sadly he died with it stuck in his mouth.


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