On Your Own

Don't you realize what this means?

a strand of hair on the head of the globe

a black pixel on a static screen

that's all you are and all you mean


But that was a feature in yesterday's paper

a new infant screams in your window today

the message, it seeps under doors as a vapor

well maybe a life in a picture is safer


you own the small shack in the mud by the shore

isolation was always the end

the river, deep red, is one you'd seen before

on your own, the sight shakes you, but not to your core


you can't even float in this stream you now tend

incompetent to build such a raft

the second of your severed cords will not mend

in this life you've accomplished, you haven't a friend


This list of your strengths is just words, words, words

on an undeserved platform you sob

you can't climb to the top of the trees with the birds

or push to the front of the popular herds


you wear a false badge on your brand-new shirt

it expresses great intentions and misplaced faith

but behind it a hole melts, unbearable hurt

and just to replace it, you fill it with dirt


you look at it all, your value's unchanging

they want to call the X on your back a birthmark

THEY shot you to the stars remaining

your head on the block in future blaming


So go ahead and say it, say thank you again,

no correction can puncture this lie

well I guess what you score as a two is a ten

your opinion is nothing according to them


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