Your obsession

Fri, 02/05/2021 - 19:30 -- Becky16

You hope that I can get crazy, wiggle and won't live on alone
You want me to be cold, arrogant and unrestrained
You want me to be sunny and firm
You make fun of me being helpless and hopeless
You give me dreams and wake me up quickly
You sleep tight with me and idle away time mercilessly
You love me because of my purity
Straightforwardness and spiritedness
You wish that I can be mist-like, beautiful and idle
You want me to look gorgeous and cruelly indifferent
You wish me forever happiness and withering
You flirt and get at a loss for me
You want my true love and enchantment
You slope with me and stay faithful
Let me be pretty, obsessive and fascinated
You complain about me being carefree all the time
And keeping on crying


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