your my other half

they say that today is history an tomorrow is a mystery but i want you to be my scooby doo to shaggy an find out that mystery an solve it together. I wanna share those scooby snacks an go into scary places together an run like forest gump did when he got bullied but we would be high an tripping on some stupid stuff. But its funny because you can also be my power puff girls be sweet, plain straight out all those 3 make you. whenwe can fight crime today an still be together the next day the weird looking monkey can be our mom hahaha fighting for something we want or maybe something she wants to change But i want you to know that where ever you are i am thinking about you lil brother it docent matter where you are ill find you ill be your wonder women an ill help you fly an fight crime. i can be batman you’ll be robin an ill put u first to save you. for all it means ill be sherk an no matter how annoying donkey is ill love you see what i did there but we got separated an i am older than you by a year an i would of been your superhero an fight crime with you but ill find you your my everything like mario an prinnces peach i know you might not know about me but your in good hands tho i wish i was there to see you grow up an make fun of you but ill be there don’t worry 


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