Your Last Call

Light the candles on the dinner table as i wait in the dark listening to Arwen's Vigil for you to come home after that long day at work. I lay back on the couch flipping through our scrapbook, full of all those days where we smiled, laughed, and lived. Reminiscing in that nostalgic memory land of mine. But why be nostalgic right? Your coming home tonight right? What makes this night any different? Every night to be able to sit under the stars with you is a dream come true. Your my fantasy, my oblivion. A shot in the dark i was willing to double my chances with you for one last night. This night had become an hour late, three hours late. The candles had blown out from the breeze of the window drafty you said to fix. It was 3am and i had sudden awakened in distress of your return..and nothing. You had not returned that night. Night after night you suddenly stopped showing. I lay in bed with a cold half of you missing. Days became weeks, months then suddenly 4 years had passed.i was walking down the hallways where we first met and i had not a care in the world. Until a suddenly my heart began to pound and i had dropped to my knees in my mind. I looked right at you. the man i was madly in love with is now in front of me once more. What to do? He approaches me and holds my hands. He had asked me with sincerity, “How have you been? It’s been so long!” I tear up as im overwhelmed with this sudden emotion to just embrace him, but i did not. Underneath all my pain and frustration was the imaginary me slapping this lost man in the face. I calmly remove his hands off me and tell him with the up most politeness, “Do i know you?”. As i walk away towards the bus stop i had always wished he would just stop for me one day. The bus stop where i had wished he would just say, “ im sorry for everything, i love you. hope in beautiful.” That things could continue where they left off. But he had been gone for so long the pages of my life that involved him where now as clean as whistle just how he had wanted it. He had left without a trace leaving me vulnerable and poignant. In my lost mind things could have been perfect again only if you thought about it a little outside the box. If you missed the lovely me then we push through the bad times and come out alive because of love. Was this the blank slat you wanted? Because it’s time for new entries that don’t involve you no more. No more broken glass. No more rain. No more mistakes. No more you.


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