Your Glow



How one feels so strongly about something

Some one

Some aspiration

Some dream

Some idea

It opens the gateway to your heart

And retrieves the key to your mind


Your heart beats




To the beat of your passion

To the beat of your dreams

Wherever they take you

Your mind and your heart go


Do you hear the sound of the beating of your heart?

Do you hear the sound of the wheels of your mind turning and driving you forward?

Can you smell the air of success?

Can you take it all in?


Words cannot express your passion

One's body cannot contain it

It is but an unutterable language that cannot be spoken

It is felt in one's spirit

It is known in one's eyes

It is seen in one's actions

Passion is not hid by a disguise


It is your glow.


Each thought that you think

Each word that you say

Each breath that you take

Is dedicated

But to what?

To whom?

How did this happen?

Your passion consumes

Your very actions

You have become its slave

You have worked and toiled for yet many days


But alas the time has come

For others to see this enlightened one

One who is full of vigor and effervesance

One who can stand a chance

One who against all odds wil take chances

One who will do what it takes

And fight their fight

Will you make it through the night?


It gives you light that cannot be dimmed

It gives you presence that cannot be ignored

It makes others want to listen

It makes others want to know

It makes others wonder


Once your glow is recognized

Now you know it will be tested and criticized

But remember this

Continue to be strong rise to the occasion

Follow your heart and never give in

Take control of your life

Make your dreams a reality

Never settle for less

After all your glow

Is the best

Never take for granted what you have been given

Use it to inspire others to make a decision


Make today the day you make up your mind

Embrace your glow

Let it be the reason you shine

Not just shine but



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