Your Garden

Forever my thoughts bend to you

Like the leaning of a tree to to the wind


Forever my eyes turn to you

Like the search of a flower for sunlight


Somehow you've planted yourself

In my soured garden of a wilted heart


You've brought sweet tender rain

To my meadows choked with weeds


You've brought rays of warm sun

To my storm of gaunt withering dreams


You've brought excitement and ploy

To my melancholy story of a blank muse


You've bought reason to my garden

And it is growing, ever so slowly, back


You've cared for my garden lovingly

Unconditionally, you've sustained me


You've shown me my garden matters

And you've neglected your own


You've cultivated your seeds

And they have grown

painfully, yet gracefully, into




In my dejected woeful, shameful heart


And their roots have penetrated

The very fibers of my silted soul


And they continue to spread and grow

Binding you to my heart forever


I wish you to know that this garden

Has fallen into your hands


This garden is now your garden

And because you have my heart

My garden



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