From Your Fellow Citizen

Sat, 04/22/2017 - 22:15 -- Nelly17

When was the last time a young girl wasn’t dress-coded or sexualized just because it was 85 degrees outside?

When was the last time an immigrant earned enough money from one job to support their family?

When was the last time a black man could trust a police officer?

Has there been a time when a “phobia” didn't mean hate?


There is only one race and one race alone and that is the human race.

But, we are racing and racing and pacing and pacing of how to get rid of “them.”

Instead of facing “them.”

Instead of displacing fear and hate.

Instead of placing love and peace in ourselves.


Because “they” are the “bad guys.”

“We” are the “good guys.”

The “good guys” that attack the defenseless.

The “good guys” that rarely see anyone as equals.

The “good guys” who have chosen an unjust, ludicrous, and rancorous leader.

I say to this leader,


Dear, Mr. President,

I am your fellow citizen,

I am a Hispanic-American,

whose parents went through anguishing hell to set her future’s foundation;

I am a first generation American,

who will be the first person in her family get to see graduation;

I am a young woman,

who has the same potential, strength, and intelligence as any man;

I am a citizen,

I am bisexual,

and I only want to love whomever I want,

Whose rights you are not entitled to touch;

I am a fellow human being,

who only asks for peace love and equality.


Mr. President, I do not resent you.

I repent you from making decision that buries our graves


I desperately implore you to cease from judging the entire world as those above and those below and begin to see people as people.

Human beings who think and feel no more or less than you do.

Signed, a fellow citizen,

Who is sick and tired to death of being a sexualized, hated, and embraced by injustice.

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My country
Our world
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