Your Eyes

I take a look inside your eyes,

A daring quest I know.

I long to hear the lullabies,

And feel the fresh white snow.

I want to see your memories,

And all you try to hide.

I want to know the mysteries

And understand your pride.


I took a look inside your eyes,

It’s something I regret.

For all I saw was a disguise,

And nothing better yet.

I always longed to be like you,

You’ve always been so kind.

Now I’ve seen what you’re going through,

And I have changed my mind.


We look inside these people’s eyes,

Without a second thought.

We think their lives are clear blue skies,

When really, they are not.

I didn’t know you had been burned,

We have all told some lies.

I guess that’s all that I have learned

From looking in your eyes.



This poem is about: 
Our world


Black Wings

well put. I enjoy this type of style but what really was interesting was seeing your thoughts in words that many have trouble expressing. very cool of you.

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