A Young Mind but An Old Soul

Tue, 07/29/2014 - 19:29 -- torien3


Birth blesses an individual to be unique, special, and most of all different
The mother is shy and caring, the dad is tough and protecting, and the siblings are the best of all
A loving family perfectly capable of handling life with all smiles
But what happens when the child is born with a sense of maturity…
A once loving mother is watchful, the dad is demanding and demeaning, yet the siblings are still the best
What family trust a child that possesses independence too early?
Wisdom, the key that opens the rite of passage, is partially presented
So much that is needed to be done, learned, and taught
Something the now growing child already seems to possess.
Furthermore though, it seems as if everything has already been done,
The loving someone until the ends of the dawn’s time
The nurturing a baby boy or girl in the finest person they can be
The defending one’s love of their country without pause
The repeated laughter that bellows from your lungs
The self-discovering journey that helps you mature into the person you want to be
Now that you have lived through everything at an early age you feel yourself asking this one question;



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