A Young Death


Once he had many friends.

He didn’t care about all the things wrong with his life.

He truly loved his life, and he never wanted it to end.


It seemed like he’ll never be the one to end up in a world of hurt and darkness.

That was early in his life, back when he was innocent and so naive.


He moved schools and travelled to a completely new world.


He didn’t have many friends.

He cared a bit too much about what people thought about him.

He didn’t like his life but, he still had a pile of good things in it.


He liked to be alone but, it seemed it wouldn’t get any worse than that.


He moved schools for the last time and, he for the last time his world change.


He didn’t have any friends because, everyone picked on him.

Pointing out how ugly he was, from his nose to his hair to his feet to his body.

He hated the way he looked.

He hated everything about his life.

He just wanted to end it.


That kid who was once so happy, who was once the sunshine kid, fell into a world of hate, pain,  and darkness.

Still so young he would cut his wrist and starved himself.

Every single day and night he was bullied.

It was a never ending torture he endured for so many years.

It seemed the only way out of this hell he was forced to live in was death…


Once a boy with cuts on his wrist and sitting alone on his bed,

Remembering what the day had brought him,

All the beatings, names, notes, lies, backstabbing and heartbreak.

He had enough…


He pulls a knife from under his bed and closes his eyes,

3, 2, 1… The End.

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