A Young Boy in Neptune


United States
42° 2' 52.404" N, 76° 31' 32.5236" W

There once was a young person
who lived in a town in New Jersey
His name was Jacob, a nice person
Born and raised in Jersey.
A nice young boy, he only meant well
Always wishing to do the right thing
from the morning alarm bell
to the nighttime sleep fling
he always wanted to be your friend.
As well as nice he was smart,
and he was voted class genius, hoping it wouldn't offend.
always being healthy
except for an occasional Pop-Tart
and this boys life was nice
even though he wasn't wealthy.
except for the bullies.
Bullies called him names
all because of his affliction.
names alot worse than calling somebody James.
it was like an addiction
this name calling
idiot, numbskull, jerk, retard, and a whole mess of cuss words.
Jacob felt like he was falling
and yet the beatings by the bullies were worse than the words
daily beat downs and harassment
made life horrible for the young boy.
made him feel like an embarrassment.
he wanted to die, and end the horrible ploy
but his spirit stayed strong
and at the young age of 10, Jacob contemplated and chose not to kill himself.
because he knew he had a bright future
way better than the jerks who bullied him
the wounds will suture,
the sun will shine on him
and one day he will drive in a Ferarri fresh off the lot
and guess who is pumping the gas?
the same person that who you thought
the bully himself grabs the nozzle and looks at jacob a few times
Jacob? is that you?
Well hello. how bout the times?
not too good for me Jake. Im poor. how about you?
Well, teaching at a college pays dividends.
a better person from now on
this is how my story ends.

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