You'er Drunk in My Dreams.

I had a dream

Everyone we knew was there. 

Everyone but you, you were late 

When you get there you are drunk. 

In your drunken haze, you scan the room looking for her. 

Once you find her, you are a fool. 

Falling all over her,

Telling her everything you like about there. 

No one stops you, We all had something to drink. 

But I remember needing more

Just to get past the facts it was your drunk haze that allow you to act like her fool. 

I guess even in my dreams I know I have no chance with you. 

No chance for your drunken words to say how you feel. 

The feeling deep down I know your drunken words have nothing nice to say. 

I can not blame them, because my jealous words had nothing nice to say to you. 

When my head finally cleared away the jealous,  

I knew nothing was going to be the same. 

Your drunk or sober glaze would never seek me out as they do her. 



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