You Would Never Know


You may not realize what lies within my soul

my eyes, my smile

they hide it all

this world is not perfect, nor will it ever be

too much loss

one taken by the current of the decietful water

as much as he fought, he lost the battle

our tears almost had us losing too

that was ten years ago, and our hearts are almost healed

when another lovely man is taken from us

this time, by something so ugly

something that hurts so many

that damn word: CANCER

our hearts are once again broken

i wonder how long they will take to mend this time

like if I haven't had enough,

there's friends who lie to amuse themselves

i spent a year crying

wondering if i was such a bad friend,

that you all turned against me

you all wanted me to give in, to renounce my dignity, my honor

I'm glad to have you out of my life

 far away where your words can no longer touch me

Loss and lies

pain and memory

is this what lies within?

i bet you never knew how much a girl like me can endure







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