You Woke Up

Fri, 05/01/2020 - 12:12 -- Kbliss

We were running

our breaths raspy

you could see my heart

in my breast

It seemed innocent

but you had a wicked grin

poision was running in your veins

you fainted

the sun arose like a phonix

and the clouds vanished and the

moon it finally slept

after a restless night

the ocean our neigbor

whispered you had another lover

it screamed your name

lips, i kissed one last time

i let go, and let it take me under

i hold it in

soon i said soon


You cant count the sand in an hour glass

much as you can count the sand on the beach.

I felt you knew too'

calls became longer

days became shorter

you decided to spend more time

but i was gone.

You woke up.

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