You Think You Phase Me

You think you phase me

You can’t argue with the arrogant

You can’t reason with the ignorant

Words will fall upon deaf ears

Just as your cutting critiques, and devilish actions

I could change my face to fit your standards,

Become a mirage to please the inept

But you can never change

Every foul sound and syllable sticks to you.

Whittling yourself away with a sharp verse

Your ugliness is more than skin deep

It eats your soul, and rots you within

I don't retort sharp words or acidic thoughts

The target for cruelty is innocent and weak

WIth no retaliation, the words intensify

I speak for the wordless, I act for the disabled

I feel for the numb, and take pride of my power

With your tainted name and morals

Rotting insides and pungent soul stank

You are weaker than your victims

The molding self-worth smells ripe,

Which attracts vultures like yourself

Hunt with the drivel and feed on grief

You don’t phase me

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