You see me; concealed

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 19:52 -- Tymoni

Strengthened by their hate, I am a secret waiting to be shared.

Crouched behind the lies, my name is silently truth …maybe it’s dare.

Reached within on multiple occasions, people just take what they please,

Therefore, I question the mask I wear for what is really left of me.

Possibly, I wear no mask and my heart is around my neck on a chain.

Simply, hidden is the lioness in me as she takes, then stakes, her claim.

See no mask or no curtain, but hidden I am because I know exposure’s assail

You don’t understand the emotion of the naked truth; beneath its beauty, its veil

Some may say I am clothed and some may see that I am not

Realizing that even in the open I manage to conceal a lot

But, still there is nothing to hide except this bed I made of gold

Maybe I hid my evil side to enjoy the benefit of what I sowed.

Intriguingly enough, I am pain as she feels her first heart-race.

It is likely that I am the rain of a hurricane exceeding the flood gates.  

I am hidden, but it is because I know exposure’s feel.

I am in the open, but abstract is not to be revealed.

9/12/14 10:30 a.m.



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