You Say You Have Your Degree


You say you have your degree.

Then why are you putting up with me?

If you don't like the kids you're teaching.

No one is stopping you from leaving.


You fuss and scream at the top of your lungs.

Even before the class has begun.

I don't want to to hear you complaining about your job.

You must like it, if you stayed in college that long.


Why are you putting yourself through all this stress you claim?

It is the students you blame.

You already knew what you were getting into.

You were the fool that fooled you.


It's my time to take my feelings out on you.

I  had enough of all the pointless rules.

Why should I listen when you only care about your own degree.

Well guess what, you can be free from me and I can be free from you, which will make us both happy.


This has been a good class session.

I hope you have learned your lesson.



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