You say...

You say it’s not the same

Your love

And our love

But why?

Why can’t it be the same?

You like who you like,

And we like who we like.

If we aren’t bothering you,

Then why bother?

I don’t understand

The difference.

You see it,

But I don’t.

And I won’t.

I choose not to,

Because there isn’t anything to see.


You say we’re not normal

And we will never be

Because we “choose” to not be the same

Why can’t we be normal?

You’ve asked a million times,

But we’ve only answered once.

One simple answer.

Why can’t you understand it?

Oh wait, you choose not to.

Not to try

Not to listen

Not to care.

But the worst part is

That you don’t see.

You ignore

Our humanity.

Our love.

Our hope.

Our hope that you will see our love

And then see.


You say you can’t be associated

With people like us.

What does that mean?

Yes, we are people,

But people like us?

As far as I know,

We are all different.

United together

Through discrimination.

You talk about your struggles

But ignore ours.

Are ours not legitimate?

If so, why?

If I ignore you,

Then I stand for your ignorance.

If I disagree with you,

Then I am considered aggressive.

There is no way to win.


You say it’s our own fault

That we face this inequity.

Did I hear you right?

Because I am not sure that

You know what you’re saying.

How could it be our fault?

You choose to ignore us.

You choose to hurt us.

We only choose to

Fight for ourselves.

And it’s our fault?

Excuse me,

But this is the exact reason I fight.

I can’t let “people like you”

Stand in our way.

It’s not going to happen anymore.


You say we are all the same.

But trust me,

We aren’t.


There are fights

Between us.

We aren’t sure

Who counts

And who doesn’t.

But overall,

I prefer that we stick together.

It makes our voice stronger.

The outside is already oppressing us,

So why should we oppress ourselves?

It only makes it harder,

For the outside to see

The strength

The power

The unity

In our voices.

No, our voice.

We are one.

We will stay as one,

No matter if

Our voices are heard

Or not.

Our only choice is

To stick together.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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