You Only Live Once


They say you only live once, but I don’t believe it.
I get plenty of opportunities to live,
to use my mind,
to follow my heart,
to make you feel my words.
You only live once, but I’d rather not waste away and drink all day.
I’d rather laugh and chill and remember tomorrow, you know that feeling I felt last night.
You only live once, but MLK still lives today, his name memorialized and his words projected onto walls of slate.
You only live once is the motto but that’s your fate. Not mine.
You only live once, you have that one moment,
I refuse to go into decline.
I see “BLANK was here” carved into school desks because we want to be remembered.
You only live once, well I will be legend.
You only live once, and become a thing of the past
The definition of  irrelevant.
You only live once right? I’d rather live today, tomorrow, and forever.
I won’t be forgotten like them.
I won’t make a small ripple in the ocean,
I’ll be that tsunami.
I'll be what they talk about years and years and forever.  


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

great poem

we all have a purpose 

its a matter of knowing what that is

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