You never seas to amaze me in every thing that you do

You never cease to amaze me

by Sandrajohnsonj on June 5, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

And you my darling amazing gorgeous beautiful wife make me the proudest wife ever just to have you as mine.
And you are such an awesom amazing hard worker.
Not only at our job but you work had at our relationship keeping me on track and out of depression. That's a big job. You bring out the very best in me.
And that's something no one else has ever been able to do before.

You have made me feel loved and thought me how to receive love and respect. I have never felt love before. I shut down all my feelings and emotions when i was a very young little girl.  
Never let myself feel cry nothing since I was 5.

And you have changed all that for me and it's over welling at times. Because it's been so long since I have felt anything like this.  Or exsperience it almost my hole life i have gone with out felling.

And you my miracle sent from God bright and shining star. You took that hurt scared little girl in side me and did something no one else has ever been able to do before

You heald her and made her feel loved again. And safe.
You my love never seas to amaze me in every thing you do you amaze me.

Happy new month my love 😘

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My family
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