You me an Salinas.

Sat, 06/21/2014 - 10:12 -- corriek


vultee rd sedona az
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How did I get here? This isn't who I am. I've lost every God damn moral even ones I didn't have. I look in the mirror where the fuck did I go. Sweet an innocent Me's been replaced by the dope.

Falling in this hole place of no return. No emotion shows, we are forced to burn.

For days it seems I sit an wait i sit an wait to contemplate. The smell that taste it slaps my face. My brain recalls its let embrace. My heart it feels the guilt to come should I decide to take just one. Your Face your smile your eyes they sing you light me up for all to see.

Incinerate ourselves so that pain subsides, forced to live this life one day a time.

Here I sit broken bothered I came to chill then shit got started. I put my life in my gods hand, an what he gave I don't understand. The dopes been gone, gone so long an then one more the Dope had come. So I closed my eyes looked to the sky. "Oh God in I temptation lies."

Hope it goes away before we feel that pain.

Dare I chose to pick it up I risk a loss of way too much. A loss of love that can't be taught. Oh would I could I dare I hurt you, knowing all I've put You through. You've stood close through thick an thin the drink the drugs through all my if you leave because of me. I'd curl up I'd lay down I'd die I'd weep.

Just keep falling down till we hit the ground.

A life without lobe is no life at all. Wed lose all hope build up our walls. Now I'm not perfect or do I claim to be,but I've accepted me for me. soon with time you will see that you can always count on me.should I ever stray away hug me hold me make me love for you will always be, Cause baby we were meant to be.

july 27th, 2012


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