To you, love

This boy rise from the dark corner of a room,
Where there no light for the flower to bloom,
Where the wave, show me the ways,
To amaze you every day,
I squeese my head down,
To see your smile, every sweat drop to the ground,
Every second flow to countdown, i never miss a count,
Just to show my love too astound,
I shout your name, without adout on the highest paramount,
At the lawn, till dawn, Just to see you respawn,
So we will be together forever and i will never ever let you gone,
Your mom and dad on the list,so i make them a tryst,
To let them know,im holdin' your wrist,
huggin' you for the blist,-out,
Before we lift up to the cloud,
Can you hear me, through this beat?
That i cant stay clam, while thinking how beautiful you are,
While you beautifully embalm, me like a shooting star,
That landed in my heart, from the outher space,
From the far i can see that light glazy, shinning from that face,
And now i can get out from this hazing gasling maze,
Dont let me losse it before the next phrase,
Please, i dont want to feel this, 
Pain but anything that i should gain,
That the reality when they call me crazy,
Coz im the joker, you my harley quinn,
If im a king, will you be my queen?
I telling you that i love you and i will prove it...
My mouth aint sweet enough make you blush,
I played with word but still can been trust, not for you to flush,
Im your crush not for lust,
To cheer you at high tide never make me tired to fight for my pride to show my gust,
There's a knight, that ready for fight,
For you, day and night,
That who i am, your savior,
Anything happen here even a disaster,
I will save you after my mother,
So she can see, that i want her to see, i save the woman i love,
This is a curse, when i cant durst myself to express myself to the universe,
Serve anythin' that you should deserve,
Emptyin' my purse is my thirst for your love,
List out, so i can bring it out,
This ink still comming out, 
I will make never adout my love,
Just like you should deserve..
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