You Look Like I Need Another Shot of Vodka

Before you are gone

Before this world swallows us and leaves us all for dead

I feel tortured hands holding my jaw bone shut.


Incapacitation caused by massive stones I am forced to ingest.


How long before these hardships take control

And vessel me as my life keeps running dry.

With these harmful habits,

Leading to an abyss only visible to sober eyes


You are the only one I want

"Cause you've everything I need


The recognition of every hole and every bump

That creates this very road.

The definition of a hero,

With potentioal to leave me vulnerable


Ignore the way I was in our past relationship

I said horrible things that probably left you with many doubts.

You were to blame when it all went the way it did.

But the taste of your lips linger at the roof of my mouth.


The past has taught you not to trust us that are lost.

But it's that past that motivated me to take control of your lust

Now stand by my side

Whether we crash and burn again,

For our love to decide.



Very interesting! I like this poem. Beautiful rhyme at the end too!
How long have you been writing?

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