You Get Me.


~ I love you,

And I miss you everyday~

The unconditional love of a mother is probably the easiest to write a poem.

I could be here writing about a book that inspired me (As there are many)

I could be writing about the famed Z. Randall Stroope who made me want to sing.

I could be writing about my depression and how it made me want to do better.

But here I am, writing about my mom.

My step-mom.

Because I have four parents,

And she is unlike any other.

You don't often come across someone

Who will stay with you-

And your 3 kids.

But she did.

Her and my dad got married.

She married an air force father.

And she took up the job like a champ.

As she does with everything.

She taught me how to be proud and speak my mind.

She taught me how to read, and she just knew me.

That's the funny thing.

She just knew.

We were always so close-

She was mine and I was her’s and we got each other.

With one hug- one look- one word.

She banished my worries.

Grief that had been eating away at me for years-

She made it go away.

She made me want to get better grades-

To do what I love.

She never once blamed me,

She just told me that she was proud of me.

Proud of me for speaking up.

For simply being.

I could be failing all my classes-

And she would demand I fix it.

She would yell and get upset.

But she would hold my hand the whole time.

I could go on and on about what she has taught me.

And that’s all because she gets me.

Because she decided when she was only in her 20s

To trust and marry a man with 3 kids.

I thank you.

So, so much.

You help me remember

Who I am.

You remind me that it's okay

To be myself.

To strive for what I want.

You get me.

And only you know just how important those words mean to me.

~ I love you,

And I miss you everyday~


This poem is about: 
My family


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