But You Don't See it Like That

Everyday I see it

It's on the tip of your tongue

You want to put us down

Maybe if we are subservient for long enough that makes you our better

But it does not

You just gain the ability to close the blinds

Outside we are still being killed

Deprived of our rights

You don't see it like that

Write off excuses for your behavior

Elliott Rodgers

Boy grows up believing that women are weak

Boy believes that women exist to please him

Steuvenville Rape case

Two boys take advantage of a young girl

They take photos of their misdeeds and spread them across the internet

It is not them who get attacked and villified, 

It is the young girl

At their trial CNN takes the side of the boys

"What about their football career?"

They said nothing about the young girl

They said nothing of how she will fear men for the rest of her life

This is the world I live in

You are the cause

But you don't see it like that


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